José M. Requena Plens

PhD Student at UPV Polytechnic University of Valencia
Work: i3M/UMIL Ultrasound Medical and Industrial Laboratory
Previously: IGIC Waves in complex media group

Valencia, Spain



I’m a researcher and PhD Student at i3M/UMIL, working on medical ultrasound imaging. My research interests are acoustic metamaterials and ultrasound applications. You can see my publications here.

I completed BSc Telecommunications from University of Alicante and MSc Acoustics from Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Before working in reasearch I was working as a sound technician for about 6 years. The knowledge acquired in installing, repairing and adjusting systems has facilitated the development of the experimental systems that I have needed (and will need) in my research.

Also I like to develop tools and applications to perform tasks more easily, I always try to make all my work public so that other people can take advantage of it and improve it (I am sure it can be improved). Visit my profile on Github. Obviously I’m not a professional developer but I try.

In my spare time, I like cycling (MTB/enduro), hiking with friends and, why deny it, occasionally going out to party and rock concerts.